Francesco Tristano is embarking on a tour of Thailand starting today, with performances scheduled at various venues throughout the country. The tour will include appearances at the AUA Language Center, Bangkok Island and the Thailand Cultural Center. 

The tour might be bringing a mix of Classical, Baroque or even some of his remix and electronic composition, displaying his versatility as a musician. The tour will be an exciting event for music lovers in Thailand and a chance to discover the many different dimensions of Tristano’s work.

francesco tristano thailand tour 2022

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Sony Classical released Aria for RS (Hugar Remix) on May 13th 2022. The remix is a new perspective on the original track, with different arrangements and production techniques, while still preserving the essence of the original.

Hugar is known for his work on electronic music, and his touch in this remix brings a fresh and new sound to Tristano’s original work.