The Goldberg Variations of J.S. Bach were presented as an artistic installation and a hybrid live performance. History is reinterpreted around the composition of this repertoire landmark, whose myth is historically questionable. According to the imaginary, Bach was commissioned to write a composition for Count von Keyserlingk’s insomnia, to be performed by his protégé, the virtuoso cembalist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg.

Francesco Tristano interpreted the 20-minute piece on the piano only once, and it then resonates in the memory of the instrument, no longer with the pianist present, as if only the structure of dreams remained, which are built with 7000 recycled crystals.

Music: J.S. Bach. Variaciones Goldberg, BWV 988.
justin messina. deep space sessions
Piano: Francesco Tristano.
Concept: Falcon Muse Creative.
Production: Falcon Muse Creative – Esmolet produkzioak
Creative direction: Ruth Baches, Juan Ramirez.
Technical production : Alejandro Agra.
Photography : Breno Rotatori.
Lighting: Mikel Vitores.
Technical suppliers : Rocksteady, Extremiana, Remosa, Steinway & Sons España.