Eighteen years after first recording the Bach piano concertos, Francesco Tristano revisits three of these classics in partnership with Leo Margue as the conductor and the Bach Stage Ensemble, set up, especially for the project. Recorded for the label  Scala Music, this new version has historically been documented but never set in stone. Three composers were also given the opportunity to write Cadenzas for these concertos. Francesco Tristano plays while standing with great spirit and energy! The pianist shakes up musical habits with this album. We have never heard these concertos with such an obsessive and forceful rhythm as the Concerto in A Major  BWV 1055. The piano section radiates with its succession of arpeggios while the string ensemble punctuates the dialogue with incisive and rhythmic interventions. 


Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Concerto BWV 1052 in D Minor,  

(Cadenza Miharu Ogura

Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Concerto BWV 1055 in A Major,  

(Cadenza Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier

Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Concerto BWV 1058 in G Minor,  

(Cadenza Francesco Tristano)

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